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                Aeroplane                              RedHot Chilli Peppers

                    Allstar                                     Smashmouth

                    Arms Wide Open                    Creed

                    Brick House                           Commodores

                    Butterfly                                 Crazy Town

                    Closer to Free                       BoDeans

                    Closing Time                         Semi Sonic

                    Come Down                           Bush

                    Crazy For That Girl               Evan & Jeron

                    Da Dip                                     Freak Nasty

                    Drops of Jupiter                   Train

                    Everything You Want          Vertical Horizon  

                    Fade                                        Heater

                    Fall Down                              Toad the Wet Sprocket

                    Flavor of the Weak              American HiFi

                    Fly                                           Sugar Ray

                    Funk 49                                  James Gang

                    Funky Cold Medina              Tone Loc

                    Freak of the Weak               Marvelous Three

                    Get Em Outta Here              Sprung Monkey

                    Getting' Jiggy With It          Will Smith

                    Happy                                    Sister Hazel

                    Higher                                    Creed

                    I Alone                                   Live

                    Inside Out                             Eve Six

                    Interstate Love Song          Stone Temple Pilots

                    I'll Be                                      Edwin McCain

                    Last Dance With MaryJane    Tom Petty  

                    Looking Glass                         Heater

                    Mysterious Ways                   U2

                    Only God Knows Why            Kid Rock

                    Plush                                         Stone Temple Pilots  

                   Postcard From the Edge        Heater

                   Running In Place                   Heater

                    Santa Monica                           Everclear

                    Semi Charmed Life                 Third Eye Blind

                    Shimmer                                   Fuel

                    Smooth                                     Carlos Santana

                    Time of  Your Life                    Green Day  

                    Too Far Down                            Heater

                    Truth                                          Heater

                    Until I Fall Away                       Gin Blossoms

                    Vaseline                                     Stone temple Pilots

                    When I Come Around               Green Day

                    Wherever You Will Go            The Calling

                    Word Up                                     Cameo

                    Wonderful Tonight                    Eric Clapton

                    You're A God                             Vertical Horizon

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